Kick to death *suicide* to count as kill?

  • I would like that kick introduced death would be counted as kill. Not meaning the kick itself
    Similar kick introduced kills can cause arena spikes and pits, and kicking off the hills.

    You could add “foot” as kill symbol?


    Edit: I dont mean the kick damage, I mean the fall / suicide damage after the kick.

  • I agree with this. If someone dies of a suicide of any kind the kill should go to the last person to damage them. Would also prevent F10 to deny a kill, which I constantly do when I’m on fire :P

  • Burn in hell Goat ! And no there is no such thing as F10 against the dev--SlyGoat reincranated--…

    Anyway, yes, of course this hsould count as a kill, but it might actually be very hard to code to keep it different from the situation “a guy runs from an ennemy after being hurt, and accidentally runs into the bottomless sarlaac pit” which should be kept a suicide.

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