[POLL] CU1 Patch 2

  • Feel free to discuss opinions below.

    Please keep comments clean and calm.

  • @XaleUdo:

    Please keep comments clean and calm.

    Wonder how long that will last =/

  • I am a dirty comment.

  • I believe somewhere between a 3 and 4 but I like some of them more than I hate some so it’s a 4. Melee is a bit harder and i’ll have to relearn how to take down 2-5 people while being alone. Archering long distance will take a while to get used to, when I do then there’s no stopping me, huehuehuehu.
    Oh yeah just remembered one more thing I think’s quite annoying. If I don’t select my class and weapons fast enough I spawn while still being in the class selection screen and can’t get out of it unless I leave the server.

  • Im sad about it, but I had to vote bad.

    Scoreboard and ranks are broken. No big deal, one can still play with tier 1 weapons and I guess that will get fixed soon.

    What really annoys me is that performance got worse (the game is now unplayable for me on the normal servers with min settings, even on 10 player servers its lagging now and then), and what did you do to shields? One cannot use a buckler (I like the new model btw) against heavy weapons now because youll run out of stam in no time and then youre dazed like forever.

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