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  • Brace yourselves, angry threads are coming.

    This new patch has everyone up in arms and I’m a little frustrated at some changes myself, but I’m hoping this thread can at least go against the grain of the inevitable threads that’ll pop up due to the new patch.

    One thing I really do like about the new patch is the audio that plays when you are low on stamina. I feel that it not only tells me when the opponent will have trouble comboing, but increases the tension as I know I can daze him for a free hit if I press the attack. Good addition, TBS.

  • I think everyone knows what I like

  • From my other post with only the positives.


    • The new kick. The fast kick can be used to set up attacks with much less stamina drain. This is an opportunity to create new attack combinations.

    • Feint nerf. 2-handers are better at feinting than 1-handers now, which I think is a positive change. It also shifts the meta towards swing manipulation and other techniques rather than feinting.

    • Alt swing nerf. They remain good at slipping past guards, but there is a slight .1s windup penalty to using them. Nerf proportionally effects 1H weapons more than 2H, which I like.


    • Movement speed buff. I tend to sprint to evade attacks instead of using dodge, and this makes it slightly easier to do so.

    • Buffs to Holy Water Sprinkler, Quarterstaff

    • Slight nerfs to Dane Axe, Hatchet. Combined with the facehugging/feint nerfs, these weapons should be more balanced now.


    • Buffs to Broad Dagger, Hunting Knife, Thrusting Dagger

  • Addressing neglected weapons.

    And that’s pretty much it.

  • Gonna get flak for this one due to the general dislike towards archers but…

    The increased projectile speed for arrows.
    Reason for it:
    Arrows shoot faster and can end the stalemate between archers at longer distances.

  • I absolutely LOVE the vanguard’s new sprint attack. It’s so fast it feels like cheating ;)

  • Alt swings aren’t lightning fast guard penetrating murder swings anymore.

    Increased knockback (it seems so) on big weapons

    Daggers aren’t mostly a joke now

    the new girl skins

    new fast kick

    the more decisive weapon speeds

  • I love how fluid blocking feels now. I can parry any attack, and if I get hit, it’s because I made a mistake. I think only one time so far I’ve been hit where it didn’t feel right. But that’s quite an improvement from before the patch.

    Alt swings being slower (on one handers). Now you can actually parry them without super high mouse sensitivity.

    200 ms Feint nerf. They are still too powerful (compared to other fakeouts), imo, but at least it’s much harder to time a near unreadable feint now.

    Having to manage your stamina closely. Man at arms are especially vulnerable to this. They can’t dodge spam, feint, sprint constantly, without running out of stam very fast. And it doesn’t come back fast either. I also love the audio queue loop for when someone is below 30% stamina.

    1. Kick changes
    2. Half of a decent feint nerf.

    Everything else is absolutely terribad and should be reverted, after they make feints nerfd harder.

  • OP sling is the best thing about any patch.

  • I like feint nerf, vanguard sprint attack buff and knocking someone into the water on moor because they parried my zweihander while standing near the edge. :D

  • Heavy crossbow being a legit sniper rifle. Don’t worry about them archers. I will get them for you 8-)

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