Projectile stickies not showing.

  • Its NOT showing.

    Throwing axe, daggers, and javalin seems to work.
    But arrows/bolts are no show.

    It was the only thing I constantly bring up in beta…

  • Thats weird… they are definitely showing on my end. Are they not showing on other players or on the environment?

  • After more experimenting.

    I clearly spectate archers/xbow but no projectile stickes.


    When I play archer/xbow I can see the projectile stickies.

    So it only shows YOUR arrows…
    also still doesn’t stick to
    rocks/walls/or building.

  • Can anybody confirm if projectile stickies work for arrows/bolts?

    It only seem to work if YOU SHOT the projectiles.
    I tried to spectate archers hitting target but I don’t see anything on them.

    Javelin, throwing axe, and daggers seem fine though.

    Also head-shot with arrows are blowing heads up…

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