Customize your weapon or shield

  • I would love to this this as some kind of DLC because a) it is completely optional and purely cosmetical meaning those that havent bought the dlc can still download the custom textures but not have their cd key ‘flagged’ to customize.

    I love medieval combat and this i feel is the best game at an attempt to dive into that feeling of guts and glory. However i would love it if i could customize my own sword perhaps adding a pattern to the blade maybe engraved detailing as well as fully customize hilt and hand guard with jewels and enamel. I know the emblem customizing is coming soon and maybe that will show on shields. I dont know but i would truly love to customize my weapons looks to make it feel more unique and me more proud of it.

  • I can’t see any problem with this, as long as the cosmetic changes are not intrusive at all (colors on shields are kept the same, the blades must be distinguishable at first sight…). Provided there is even a way to toggle it off, I’m 101% with you.

  • I would love to pick an own banner similiar to Mount&Blade, but only have it on the shield and as weapon like a spear.

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