First vs Third person

  • Coming from a relatively new player (or rather, and old player who came back after figuring out how to fix the lag), is there really any benefit to playing in first person? In 3rd I can see my surroundings much better, shields don’t block my vision anywhere near as much, I can peek over cover without exposing myself, I can duck without losing sight of my target…the list goes on. Also, this is a personal thing, but I have a much easier time judging distance. And despite this, the vast majority of players on Chivalry seem to use first person. Is there something I’m missing here?

    Oh, and please no “only noobs use 3rd person” crap. I fully admit that I’m a noob, and half the strategies I read about on here might as well be written in Portugese.

  • I find it much easier to parry facehugging strikes and judge distances in 1st person.

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