• Just wanted to say I’ve killed about five people now using the fast kick, despite the fact that it’s not supposed to do any damage? Also overheard someone in the game saying the charged kick doesn’t always work.

    Similar experiences?

  • I killed several people with it, and I was killed by it myself. It is definitely doing damage. This is definitely either a bug or an error in the changelog which clearly states ‘tapping kick will perform a quick knockback and daze with no damage’.

  • It was actually later changed to do damage apparently. I have no idea of the amount it currently does, but it was supposed to do 1 damage according to Kimiko.

  • Good. I was not the only one to pick up on this. I noticed that heavy kick (hold down) does 5 damage a kick, while fast does 1-2 damage a kick.

    I did not experiment with this, but I use it often to finish off opponents if my Zweihander does not provide the killing blow.

    For example, when I hit a MAA in the torso/chest/shoulder he’s left on 5 health. I use the heavy kick to finish him off, but once i spammed the fast kick ( took about 10seconds to get all the kicks off) and he eventually died after 5 kicks (fast kicks)

  • Gonna file this under not a bug, just a miscommunication. Tibbs wanted the fast kick to do at least 1 damage but I wasn’t aware that change ever went through.

  • Roger that.

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