Heavy Crossbow Bug

  • Hi TB,

    Enjoying the new patch, especially getting the opportunity to try out some weapons I haven’t used since unlocking them.

    Found what I think is a genuine bug with Heavy Crossbow. If I am aiming the crossbow at someone and they flinch me, it automatically sends me in to a reloading animation. This has happened repeatedly tonight on two servers. Even if the Crossbow is loaded, it still reloads.

    Anyone else come across this?

  • I think this is intended. And you lose that arrow.
    It doesnt make sense though :p

  • This definitely doesn’t sound intended.

  • @Martin:

    This definitely doesn’t sound intended.

    Well I heard that from a couple of guys in a server, so dont hold me on that.
    And we argued about how secure the arrow is in a crossbow lol.
    I thought the lads have read something in the patchnotes, cause they were sure.

    And at this point I’d expect everything from the patch.
    I had to be a prick, sorry :P

  • Happened to me twice. I tried to reproduce it with a friend but it didn’t work out. It is somehow related to aiming the heavy crossbow and being hit in melee. Perhaps if you’re hit in the same second you shoot?

  • This has been happening to me 100% of the time.
    Whenever I’m looking down the xbow and take damage it plays the reloading animation.

    I could probably record some footage now but it’s clearly not hard to replicate.

  • This happens with all crossbows.

  • Not intended.

  • I was experiencing this last night, to add onto this, when it sends you into the reloading state, you can feint and it will stop reloading(as intended) but your crossbow will still have its bolt loaded.

    Not sure if it takes another bolt, haven’t paid too much attention to it.

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