South American/Latin American official servers

  • I love this game, but i can’t play it for a single reason: PING.

    I can play the game (with a few lag peaks depending on the server), but its rare to find a server that doesn’t votekick me due to my ping. I am from Brasil, so my ping is naturally high when i play on most servers, and i rarely see BR servers around.

    The solution? Make official south american/latin american servers. That would solve the problem for both the players like me, and those who seem to have a special hartred for players with high ping (no offense intended).

    Another interesting idea would be a separate tab for the official C:MW servers.

  • I pity you. Guess it is very awful to have a constant high ping and therefore being votekicked all the time.
    But have in mind that this game was a kickstarter project and it may take Torn Banner Studios a little time to expand as their company is quite young.

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