Nostalgia goggles engaged, game solutions incoming.

  • chivalry is such an experience that i actually feel nostalgic about my first length of play. from being terrible to being able to hold my own in combat, i enjoyed so much (despite, of course, some issues with bugs.) the game in its original state seemed so stable, with combat evoking much more fluidity. i lauded the game for its balance in class and its high skill ceiling.

    however, we all know that a high skill ceiling can diminish a new player-base. thus, the game began to evolve into what it is now: something more approachable. with the advent of the most recent patch, things have, in my opinion, made the game a shell of its former self. perhaps i am being nostalgic, but this is simply my opinion.

    perhaps the game needs a rollback. a complete return to its former glory, aided by new-found perspectives regarding bugs and over-the-top issues of weapon balance. even feinting could have so many more simple solutions. why not make feinting restrictive? limit the window. make it so that after x point in a swing, a cancellation cannot be engaged, or it will stagger you. something interesting and unique to stop spamming or exploitative behavior, while increasing the skill cap. i think that we competitive chivalry players fell in love with the game because we WANT to be punished. we want to fail until we learn not to in the future, so that we can make others fail before us. i have so many opinions, but ultimately, it comes down to this:

    tl;dr, chivalry needs to be worked on from the starting point, as opposed to molding it past a point where too much has been lost.

  • I agree.

    Those changes made Chivalry worse (Not all of them ofc.). Too much poisoned community feedback and devs problems which opinions to choose… It was propably nice and clear in the Alpha stage where only Devs and alpha testers could say/do something. Now people are like: “Fix it because i’m bad with it” or “I don’t like it - remove it”. I admire Devs when they made the game from scratch to 1st Live, being objective - Fighting for game balance, being fair to all classes! Come on Devs - You have the balls - Make the game you want, don’t listen to others!

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