Wrong icon for 1H no shield bastard shields. And kings?

  • As the title says. It will show (I think) the great sword icon by the look of it. Doesn’t matter what bastard sword you got in one hand it will show that icon.

    I think its also likely that its only counting stats for the great sword (maybe long sword, can’t tell what the icon is).

    So that should be an easy fix.

    And you didn’t seem to make it clear in the patch notes. I keep being called a hacker for my 1 hand messer.

    Also king malric can weld his messer in one hand. Pushing 1 does nothing.

    The king class needs the ability to do so. I’m sure its he same for Feydrid too.

  • The icon has been like this forever but now that it’s a ‘feature’ I guess we should get on fixing that :P

    Good catch on the king too. I’m guessing the king class just doesn’t have the onehanded version in their loadout. Or even just because it’s in slot 2.

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