Keep losing unlocks

  • When I join a server it’s fine, but when the next map hits, I only have default weapons.
    Rejoining server fixes this but it’s fucking annoying to the max.

  • Indeed it is. Happens way to frequently since the patch.

  • This happen everytime the map change for me and it’s the same for one of my friend, it’s really annoying, an hotfix is needed here.

  • Yep, ever since the new patch it happens like every second round for me. Really annoying.

  • Well, since no one “official” has bothered to answer your thread (or any of mine for that matter), please let me try…

    Apparently in the weapons/character select menu, you can press escape and relaunch the menu. Another possible solution is that for some megaretarded reason the server must have 5 people on it before you can use unlocks. I also heard that you can hit the “~” key and type reset.

    Good luck, especially if you ask for help around here. DERP!

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