Becoming the KING! Objective ideas.

  • First off I must say the map with the village, castle and eventually King scenario is absolutely amazing! If you notice whenever your on this map everyone WANTS to get the high score because everyone wants to be king. It always causes a flood to the Agatha Knights in the beginning before people balance out. This objective style gave me an idea because it makes people compete to be good.

    I think a map in which the high score on each team triggers something special at the last objective site on the map would be good. It would be neat if let’s say once you get to the last objective of a map a Mason General ends up having a duel with the Agatha King. Not on this map but on an entirely new map. Objectives that get the players to compete for high scores pushes everyone to fight much harder. I always notice myself always trying to do my best possible because I am struggling to reach the top. It makes it so much fun because I feel like I am rushing hard and the battles are so intense because others are also. Even when I don’t end up King defending a player is fun an an awesome idea.

    So thanks for meaningful objective…would be neat in the future to see Objectives set for players who hit top scores on the ATTACKING team. Maybe even the top score guy in the last objective gets special combat bonus’s. If a Mason General was leading an assault against the King on that map…killing him could result in the King’s team winning. So the objectives could play out in multiple different ways.

    Just an idea, do with it what you want. I have confidence in Torn Banner.

  • I love that idea of an objective where the top two scorers on a team duel for the final objective. That couldn’t be the entire final objective that decides the map though, or else you put all the hopes of an entire team on a single player - in protecting the king your entire team is working together to keep the king alive. But something like the two top scorers dueling and the side that wins gets some advantage for the final objective would be great, like if the attacking team wins the attackers get to spawn closer and if the defending team wins the attackers have their time to complete the objective reduced.

  • I always thought that the WORST player should be compensated with something. I’m talking like 0.4 k/d ratio. Dieing endlessly with no hope in site makes the game less enjoyable. There are times when you simply cant kill ANYONE. They say practice makes perfect but that’s false, no matter how much you play, you still find your self at the bottom of the list. That’s why I always thought the worst player should be compensated.

  • Err… why would you want the worst player to be responsible for the most important role on the team? I think if I were new to the game I would definitely not want to be made king or anything like that.

  • i agree with both ideas: becoming king would be compensating if you are with the lowest score, but i beleive not every newbie would like to take that responsible role to become the king… and they might feel bad after dying… soooo id stick with the high score-king thingy, imo id encourage ppl to perform better on the battlefield and earn that reward becoming a king.

  • Losing because a person who is new to the game is king would anger many many people :)

  • Make the worst player a court jester?

    With a dagger of some type and many, many(3) smoke pots and maybe throwing daggers.

    That way they can be something unique and maybe be useful. Maybe.

  • That would be fun lol. Although immersion breaker, maybe for a specific mode or something.

  • If I could, I would trade my primary and secondary and just carry around a bunch of smoke pots.

  • In regards to immersion just call the jester something else and none of the three pronged multicolored hat and jumpsuit shenanigans.
    Just a porcelain mask and some purple. Or something downplayed but regal like.

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