Purge the tkers

  • I realize that accidents happen and in this game a teammate gets careless or takes a calculated risk and kills you with arrow or blade but sometimes it is intentional. I’ve seen teammates start swinging at me with no enemies around and kicking me off the log bridge in dark forest for no apparent reason but to troll. Vote kicks should not be a permanent solution to this frustrating problem as vote kicks depend on this lackluster community. I’ve seen someone say absolutely nothing and get me kicked and team killers who most of the time do not get kicked with people not bothering to vote, not caring or simply not believing that the tker really is one.

    Punishment for these tkers should be most severe. They need to be permanently banned from the game. This is will remove intentional tking from the game with repercussions so high that most people wouldn’t even consider it. Of course video evidence either from ingame recording or third party software will be factored as proof of intentional tking.

  • Damn.

    You don’t fuck around do you.

  • Well, I never had any problems with teamkillers. People are getting kicked very fast when their team damage is just over 30% or so. I think the current votekick system is convenient.

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