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    In Age of Chivalry, we had objectives in most maps that were somewhat creative and unique, but they were also fairly static and got repeated into our maps a fair bit. This time around, we want to make certain that the objectives are the funnest thing the player could possibly be doing in the map, as that is the only way to properly make an objective focused game. We have to make the player actually desire to complete the objectives because its fun to do so, not only because that is how you win for your team.

    We are already planning to bring a lot more life to our objectives by making them much less static and more immersive, for instance, if in aoc you had to kill a peasant it was chained and sat on the floor sobbing occasionally. In Chivalry, if you have to kill a peasant it will run away from you, scream at the top of its lungs, beg for mercy and even fight back in some situations. So we have a lot more flexibility in how we present the objectives this time which should go a long way to making them more interactive and fun, but we’re also looking for additional ideas rather than just upgrading the ideas from objective types we already had.

    So for that reason I come to the community for your input, ideas and suggestions on objective ideas the team could pursue. Keep in mind the context of the 'Team Objective" gamemode with progressive spawns and so forth with your ideas.

    I will also ask you to justify WHY you want that objective, by detailing how it would be fun to players and the tactical or strategical depth it could offer. Looking forward to reading what you guys can come up with and possibly putting it ingame :D .

  • The prince in the siege will also have to be escorted out, he will have a weapon ofc, what kind of prince is he, but he wont be in much of a fighting condition, so, PROTECT TEH VIP!!!

    First idea.

  • Hmm, it’s tough to think about fun objectives…

    Another one that came in my mind randomly, in overlook, put that thing like you had back in 1.1 that opened the gate downstairs, and in there the flag will be located, so it will want teamwork to get the flag, it wont be like now that one sneaky ninja that is manapulted can enter take the flag and escape.

    The plank objectives are the most boring ones, but I cant think of a way to make them more fun…

  • ***** I’d like to see a game mode where one team is civilians defending against the Masons with farming tools, rocks, etc while also having no armor.
    ***** Another new one would be instead of starting out with defenses, you have to build up something to repel back the enemy.
    ***** Maybe one team has to defend while a few engineers assemble the siege equipment for the next stage of the map.
    *****Side objectives would be great to see in maps. So doing certain things with a little ingenuity can turn the tides of battle, other games have this, but the side objectives appear all the time and every player knows its there. I’m talking about subtle little things about the map that if you notice them you could complete it.
    Example With Campy Script: (spawn) “Hey, theres a ladder over here! Maybe we could do something with it!” (later) “Hm, looks like there isn’t” (next round) "Hey the ladder is still here! Hey! Theres a chunk missing from the top of that wall!


    The prince in the siege will also have to be escorted out, he will have a weapon ofc, what kind of prince is he, but he wont be in much of a fighting condition, so, PROTECT TEH VIP!!!

    About the prince, I think he should be a coward to throw of the macho persona of the knights. Have preset areas he can run and cower in when enemies appear so he doesn’t severely get in the way. Maybe after a long period of fighting without forward movement while hes cowering he might run away. That would add a lot of personality to the character and reinforce the fact that someone must be not only guarding the prince, but keeping him from danger at %90 if not all times.

  • I think that there could possibly be sections in a map that simulate a real battlefield senario, a sort of last man standing section to the map where people don’t respawn untill a conclusion is reached. This could then lead the map into a split in the objectives, creating a more dynamic playstyle. The splic could be that the losing team then goes on the defence, whilst the other now attacks completeing the more usual objectives. The map would be best if it wasn’t symetrical but is still balanced. This could also be implemented in other maps and game modes; for instance, when siegeing the castle walls neither team respawns untill the walsl are taken or the attackers are repulsed, this would then result in the dynamic spawnpoints changin so the attacks now spawn on the walls and the defenders inside the inner keep. This would also help prevent stalemates in tight defensive spots on the map as seen in AoC where on good player could keep the corridor sealed as long as he had a little constance back up. There would of course be spawn times to think about with this game objective, to ensure that people don’t get too bored, and too stop people greifing by hiding at the back in a glitch spot or similar. This could be achieved by limiting the play area during this part of the fight.

    A second idea for a new style objective could be sapping the castle walls, in other words a few players spawn with shovels as secondary weapons then enter the mines and physically dig the tunnels themselves, the wood used to hold up the tunnel could also be used as a similar objective to the plank that was seen in AoC. The wood in then set fire too and the wall comes crashing down, allowing some great visual effects and changing the battle field dramatically. If wall sapping is seen in this game I would also like to see the breach not be the unually smooth and easy to manouver upon stone that is seen in other games, but for it to feel as if it’s just broken down, to be able to traverse the rubble and see it’s effects hamper the fighting.

    These are the too main idea’s I’ve had for the moment but I’ll post if anything else comes to mind.

  • @PsychoAlex:


    No respawning slows a games pace and is boring, moving the spawn to a different location would fit better.

    Have you ever dug a tunnel? Try digging one 6ft long. It would take a day if not DAYS, not minutes. Not to be rude, but it sounds kind of silly

  • Developer

    Some good ideas started here, we are definitely going to be focusing on giving players secondary objectives that are subtle but may help change the course of the battle as well as multiple methods to completing a single objective because we want to improve the replay ability of these maps as well. And again things like having to escort the prince in siege out is a great example of how we plan to upgrade previously existing objectives.

    I do not believe we could do “wall sapping” justice, I’m not sure if it would be fun (narrow corridors, attacking a wall essentially) and also I am not sure if it would be able to look all that great either. I know this was a very valid tactic on medieval battlefields, but I doubt it will be recreated in Chivalry for the above reasons.

    The “Last Stand” idea is something we had actually brainstormed about as a team for a while, it would either be a separate game mode or the final objective in the map, where one team can only spawn once (or two, three whatever) times per player and the other team has infinite respawns. If it was its own seperate game modes, after one team had made its “last stand” the teams would change places and the team who got more kills before being eliminated would win the round. We also thought of needing to keep the gameplay space limited so players could not run away, and thus we thought about having the defending team all spawn together in a “townsquare” like area, while the attacking team spawns 360 around the townsquare in the city and constantly attacks at the defenders, who are forced to fight together in an epic, final showdown. If it were the final objective in a map, then the defending team would simply be looking to hold that area for the remainder of the map, could allow for some truly epic experiences… What do you guys think of this concept?

    Lets try to come up with quite a few more other objective types as well, we could also discuss objective types that existed in aoc and what made them fun, versus what made others not fun. For instance, were the best objective types when you had to capture an area? Push an object into place and use it? Capture the LOOT style objectives? Defend the breakable objectives? What objectives were fun and fit well with the gameplay and what ones did not?

  • what about The One? Where its one person vs. EVERYONE and instead of health he has to get hit a certain number of times before he finally goes down. and it will be a battlefield with just one guy (his choice of character) vs like 30 other people all on his own and the goal is just hes going to die. but its to show how far he can go with just slashing and hacking people down to bits before the last guy finally gets the final blow. OR it can be the one guy defending a objective for about 10 minutes till his reinforcements arrive. it will be like a climatic kindve thing just killing a endless number of people over and over till your knees buckle under the strain they are putting on you or till your reinforcements finally arrive.

    I personally would LOVE that kind of mode where its non stop fighting for 10 min just trying to kill one guy (FF has to be on to add the whole dodge and he accidentally decapitates a team mate) Would definitely put anyones skills to the test even if it takes about 13 attacks total to kill you :D

  • The only one I really liked from AoC was killing informants and horses. The other ones were drab and glitchy (siege tower ladder, anyone?) but could improve with this engine.

    With the push cart/ram objectives, make them move faster if more than one person is moving, also make it so that while they’re pushing they can not use their weapons.

    Make the battering ram more engaging, running up and pressing the button a bunch of times looks and feels clunky. Now having 2 or 4 guys all swing at the same time on the handles of that bad boy, that would look epic. It would be really dynamic as well, the better your rhythm and sync in your swing the faster the door goes down.

    Make the siege tower so that players have to pull on the front of the tower or turn the wheels beneath the tower rather than being able to move it with telepathy from the top of the tower.

  • Developer

    I personally think that “The One” is fun… for the one person who gets to be the guy killing everyone. I don’t think it would be fun for the other players and I also don’t think it is a game mode that would perform well with our combat system… (think about how much of a gangfest that game mode would result in with a melee context).

    You should be happy to note that the siege tower in Chivalry will be making a return- this time with a ramp-based system, there is no ladder on the siege tower at all. We are also absolutely planning to make the pushing objectives more engaging and that includes animations for when your pushing as well as allowing more than one player to push at once (increasing the speed if two do). As far as swinging the battering ram goes, we’ll probably have it be an animation where your player actually grabs at the ram and swings it, and have it be able to be operated by two players simultaneously for more damage per swing, but I don’t think we will have players actually timing the swinging of the ram as that might lead to potential frustrations and abuses.

    I actually had a really interesting conversation today with one of the other team members about how we could make Team Deathmatch more fun. We came up with the idea that when killing an opponent you collect his “ear” as a trophy and each team is fighting to claim a certain amount of these ears to defeat their opponents (very similar to team deathmatch). The part where it is different is that you will actually have to return these ears to a bin or chest of your faction’s colouring in order for the kills to count. So if you kill 5 people in one life and have 5 ears, someone on the other team could kill you and take your 5, plus your ear and put it in his team’s chest. I think it makes things a little more interesting if you can “steal kills” from the other team and also provides a unique medieval flavour to it. Of course we would make sure that the ear bin wouldn’t be too far away from the action and not all the way back at spawn so you could keep collecting ears and dealing out death without too much of an interruption in getting the score for the ears. This would however also make it easier for the other team to set up ambushes near the opposing teams ear bin to try and steal additional kills. What do you guys think of “Ear Collection” styled Team Deathmatch?

  • @Tibberius:

    What do you guys think of “Ear Collection” styled Team Deathmatch?

    It sounds weird….

    It took me awhile to think of this, pacing back and forth in my living room, but here goes some TDM fun ideas.

    TDM maps should feel more alive, like tournament with the spectators booing the losers and cheering the winners. Maybe a map where civilians get in the way or try to help.
    TDM should be less about kills and more about KDR. One team has to make a certain amount of kills without dieing. Say that number is 10 in a 32 player game


    Each kill lowers the other teams’ counter, but each kill they land raises it back up again. Meaning total victory would have to be achieved to win the round, a “domination” if you will. This makes for long battles that toss back and forth but end eventually with a little strategy.

  • i personally love the idea of the “ear” system. Making it so even if one person on the other team is owning your whole tame you could kill him and take all the ears he has, given he hasn’t gone to his bin in a while, as for the “tug-o-war” system as stated above, that would be an alright system as well, i only see it as a problem is that the games could NEVER end.

    All in all, i think the “ear” system is an amazing idea, whereas the “tug-o-war” system could make a game way to drawn out and boring.

  • A 32 player game where 10 people making 10 kills without anyone dieing is quite easy with a little forward planning and strategy. Plus you could put a time limit and whoever has the lowest counter wins.

  • @Sir:

    –-- Reasons for Queen ViP--------------------------------------
    Queen ViP could be an awesome game mode with a twist. You have a ViP which both sides at different times during the map could decide to kill.

    Agathians want to save the queen masons want to capture and then ransom possibly kill at a later date.
    Agathians could kill her to spite the masons, no witness around kill the Royal bitch blame it on the mason order who kidnapped her and who have been butchering maidens up and down the length of the country to sap Agathian morale.( this establishes motive and precedent). Furthermore she is getting on in age and the king wants more sons this nicely and conveniently allows him to find a younger more buxom queen. ( kings always want more buxom queens it da law)

    The Mason order would gain firstly the Queen, have a Mason noble do the no pants dance with her and you could secure a royal bastard and thus a direct line for the throne heating up the rebellion and granting a somewhat legitimate link to the throne. Another reason why the masons want her alive and the Agathians want her dead.

    Lets spice this game mode up is not everyone tired of the cliched’ good v evil, the kings and queens of the Middle Ages where blood thirsty bastards with even the leaders of respected cults * cough cough Catholics* ordering the occasional conquering pillaging and slaughtering of continents.

    ---------------------------How it would play out---------------------------------------------------------------
    So how about this the Mason Order chance upon the location of Queen and her retainers in the field returning from the winter palace when they are set upon in a forest area like the area at the beginning of stones-hill. After killing all the retainers the mason order decides to take the queen away in order to use her to sire a royal bastard however, due to the over zealous nature of some fresh recruits killing the horses they have to push the Queens carriage.(everyone’s favourite objective carriage pushing).

    A local Agathian unit are informed of this by that one lucky survivor who just somehow happened to survive the angry horde of masons and then just as luckily stumbled upon the only regiment of Agathians for miles. The Agathians then decide to head out and kill the masons and the Queen just incase to secure the throne.

    We then have a game mode where the would be kidnappers the bad guys have become the staunch defenders of the queen and the Good guys have the task of killing her and the masons AWESOME RIGHT?

    As for the game mode I picture it like this and bare in mind I am speculating on how powerful the ue3 engine is.

    Masons right away spawn on top of the carriage and it needs to people to push it one on each side. Now they have to move this objective away from the agathians who are spawning behind the Mason Order in the forest. The mason order must divide the team sending people to confront the approaching Agathians by manning the battlements and ruins they pass and setting up a rolling defence while other masons accompany the carriage to ensure it is pushed and moved forwards just incase any agathians can push through.

    The dynamic part taking the carriage will be extremely difficult as it is the main spawn point for the Masons so say 2 or 3 Agathians break through they could attempt to kill any and all masons around the carriage and thus block the main spawn point and attempt to hold it for the 5 minutes necessary to destroy the carriage while the masons spawn slightly further ahead or they could attempt to move ahead of the carriage and secure a forward spawning point so that there team can spawn in the path of the masons and Marshall a defence in the hopes of defeating the masons and killing/saving the queen.
    It could even be that this method of defeating the masons could result in the saving of the queen and the other method destroying the carriage and the queen en route resulting in her death.
    --------------------------- Objectives broken down---------

    Mason’s spawn around the moveable objective the Carriage. The Carriage requires two masons, one on either side to push it. The masons are attempting to pushing the carriage to “the end zone” to win the map passing ruins and forts they can use to defend and hold off the agathians. The mason engineers can build catapults and other contraptions to fire on the Agathians as they push up to the Carriage.

    Agathians. Need to reclaim the Carriage from the masons. First they must clear all mason’s from the immediate area to force the Mason’s to spawn further up the battlefield. They can decide to push the Carriage back to the initial Agathian spawn and save the queen using any and all fortifications the Mason’s have used to defend her till the map ends.

    Alternative objective.
    The Agathians pass by the Masons and capture a Fort ahead of the march in an attempt to halt the mason advance. If they can hold off the masons, they can then attempt to destroy the Carriage and then queen to secure the throne.

    The Agathian engineers given enough time and support can establish one of the forward ruins into a fort by repairing a wall, gate and tower before establishing a spawn at that location. If the Agathians are succesful in this the mason engineers are then able to create battering rams and trebuchets at the last ruins they passed to attempt to destroy the fortifications and continue.
    If I say so myself this could be an awesome game mode.

  • Hes looking for objective ideas not a plot twist in a movie.

  • @Tibberius:

    What do you guys think of “Ear Collection” styled Team Deathmatch?

    Best idea ever….

  • @Vox:

    as for the “tug-o-war” system as stated above, that would be an alright system as well, i only see it as a problem is that the games could NEVER end.

    They could just put a timelimit of like 5 to 10 minutes. with a timelimit this gametype would be beast

  • @Sir:

    Furthermore she is getting on in age and the king wants more sons this nicely and conveniently allows him to find a younger more buxom queen. ( kings always want more buxom queens it da law)

    There needs to be a sequel map to Strum’s, in which the king tries to find a more buxom queen. Actually, it might work better as part of the first map; when the Masons lose, it could be a bonus objective at the end. All the mason players spawn as eligible maidens. Buxom ones, preferably topless. The Agathians try to hunt them down and uh, have their way with them. The last remaining of the foxy ladies gets picked as the new queen. There could be a coronation ceremony. It would be a great little game of hide & seek.

    As for the mode with the ears, it sounds cool; my only worries are that inexperienced players won’t know what to do, and that it could result in overly cautious, pansy-like play. Especially from Goat, who already has those tendencies.

    Tug of war sounds perfect. It would ensure that the common blowout rounds don’t drag on too long, while the competitive matches are allowed more time. There’s nothing better than a close deathmatch between balanced teams.

    Generally, I don’t think you can ever have too much variety in the available game types. If I don’t like one, I don’t have to play it.

  • @Mike:

    Tug of war sounds perfect. It would ensure that the common blowout rounds don’t drag on too long, while the competitive matches are allowed more time. There’s nothing better than a close deathmatch between balanced teams.

    Thats the idea :)

  • Lame my idea rocks. You guys need to think outside the box.

    The devs harped on about wanting to have a story and have the maps and game modes that fit into the story.

    Thus my idea is win as it meets said needs.

    Honcho’s bonus round also sounds win.

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