How to unlock new weaponds

  • Hello all
    just wondering how to unlock new weaponds
    had the game for a few days
    OR will it be able to unlock when offical release! !!!
    little help please much respect


  • Get kills with a certain type of weapon to unlock similar weapons. I.E. kills with the hatchet progress unlocking the War Axe and Dane Axe.

  • thx for the help :fenc:

  • Sorry to bump this, but I have a similar question. I was lucky enough to get a beta key yesterday, and played a bit.

    I remember from yesterday that I had 9 kills to go to unlock the 2nd sword for the man-of-war class. This morning I played, and I had 3 kills left to go.
    Just now it is back to 9 kills to go.

    Is that

    a) a bug
    b) dependent on the team (I played blue this morning, red now)
    c) server dependent (I’m pretty sure all were something like "UK BETA FFA/Team based objective/Team Death Match)
    d) something I’m missing


  • A its a bug just reconnect to server:)

  • Okay, thanks

  • Thats one thing we cant understand…


    A its a bug just reconnect to server:)

    That doesnt work for us. How is it supposed to work with the weapons unlocks? Of course with enough kills, but how does it save the progress?

    Would be nice if someone could explain that whole thing.

  • Stat tracking is still pretty buggy - it should be fixed up by release, though, I’m pretty sure it’s very high priority.

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