Fix speed hacking.

  • I know this has been brought up before, and I’ve seen claims that it was being or had already been addressed. I’m posting this suggestion because it should remain at the top of the developers’ TODO list, and because it has not been addressed.

    I encounter at least one or two “blatant” speedhack users a day using wild parameters to dart around the screen, they get votekicked quickly. But I encounter many more players using conservative speedhack parameters, just enough to give them the edge over competitive opponents. Sometimes they will adjust it on the fly with hotkeys, so their movement speed appears normal but their attacks come out more rapidly.

    • It’s lag! It isn’t.

    • Just report them to the Steam Moderator group! I’m not on a crusade to get every cheater banned, I just feel we deserve our online experience protected from the most rudimentary of online cheats.

    • Cheaters are bad at the game, just beat them and laugh. Most are, not all are, and it doesn’t matter. Consistent game play is paramount to the maturity of any online game. Tolerating these abuses dismantles that consistency.

    So, developers, thank you kindly for this wonderful game. But please be reminded of this important issue, surely the technical challenge is not too great.

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