Anyone tried 3d tv with this game?

  • So here’s the point.My friend got awesome LC TV with function of 3d simulation(glasses and stuff like that).So that TV is kinda works great with PC… The question is would it be cheating to use 3d TV to play that game(like better feeling of distance) and has anyone tried it yet? :D
    Sorry if it fits more offtopic genre

  • i havent tried, but ive also thinked about this :D

  • I think that you can’t see in 3d if the game hasn’t been developed to support it.
    I didn’t see any 3d option in game settings, don’t know if they are working on it.
    In my opinion it cannot be like cheating playing in 3d

  • Well that TV has a function called “3d simulation” that actually shows 2d films like 3d ones.
    Sure it’s not the same but still works pretty well, wondering will it work for the game.
    Could be nice to get a 3d option for that game after the release too.

  • The 3D simulation probably works just fine but even if you might get an advantage from depth you’d probably be at a pretty big disadvantage in terms of reaction time and delay.

  • Btw. Was there some information about using this with the “Oculus Rift”? I still have problems imagining it getting on the market.

  • I have a personal copy arriving in December supposedly. We have nothing planned for the game as of right now. We’ll see in December :)

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