The Weapons are not yet done

  • I was kind of sad to hear the word around the forums that torn banner were not going to add any more weapons especially since they have not finished what they started.
    I am fine that they don’t want to add any more weapons however I think they still should have all weapons having three tiers referring specifically to the weapons added last patch.

    However, I found the best way to combat this is to have a easy place to find what the community would recommend and why it would be good to put it in the game.
    Thus I have started this post to ask the community for their opinion in a easy format for Torn Banner to view and possibly make a decision.

    My idea for an easy format for your replies would be:

    1. The weapon
    2. Where the weapon would be suited(ex: should it be the third tier for the knights mace or the second tier for the MAA’s quarterstaff.)
    3. Why the weapon would work well and act differently than the other tiers
    4. Why they should add it in to the game it shouldn’t be overly complex to the point they feel is to much work for one weapon and it should be different from other things to give initiative to have them add it.

    Thank you for reading my post I would love to hear you suggestions and any of the devs or something offer there own opinions on your replies.

  • For the MAA quarterstaff weapon tier, I think we should have an entire tier devoted to “impromptu” weaponry- maybe objects that have served a past life as agricultural equipment.

    I’d like to see an armor-piercing pick, or something like that, and then, as a final tier, a modified pitchfork weapon.

    I sort of like the idea of MAA as a weaponized peasant.

    It could just add some variety to the game, not constantly using “conventional” swords, maces, etc.

  • This shall be a great start for a thread and I think it can increase the chance of these ideas being seen if its all in one convenient area keep it going community :D

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