Triple Monitor Support

  • I have recently purchased the game and have found that it does not work as anticipated in my setup. I have a triple monitor setup for my workstation, and I am in the midst of trying to get this game to play in 5760 x 1080p resolution. I have found that the field of view is too zoomed in, as you’ve possible heard from multiple members mentioning this.

    I have search around the internet and change the aspect ratio to follow the X instead of the Y, which made absolutely no difference in how the game is drawn. I have also tried adjusting the field of view to compensate, but even at 120, the maximum, I am missing the HUD from the bottom of the screen.

    Knowing how the unreal engine works, it might be possible to increase the maximum of the FOV to 150 and it might become playable for any player wishing to play the game in triple monitors, though I am not sure how hard this would be to set in the compiling of the engine for the game.

    Below is a link to some pictures taken of the game in triple monitor compared to single.

    Thanks in advance for some assistance in playing the game I had just purchased. Been looking towards grabbing this one as all reviews make it sound much better than war of the roses.

  • I can’t remember the console command, but you can set the FOV higher than the in-game slider allows via the console command.

  • I have tried setting the FOV through command line, and the maximum it will allow me is 120.

    Any other suggestions?

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