• I’ve always liked saber, even pre-patch, so I’m very pleased with its recent buff. I might even slip it onto my van as a secondary.

    One awesome thing I noticed now that Knil has kindly updated the damage charts is that, in the hands of an archer, an overhead backstab head hit will 1-hit an archer! I’ve gotta try that.

  • Yeah it’s always been fun(ny) to use. I take it as my VG secondary, but rarely end up using it. Need to make a note to switch more often.

  • Shortsword>Saber

  • But it’s nowhere near as stylish.

  • Saber is my main weapon. The buffs are nice but now anytime I get flinched while holding a saber I cannot recover in time to parry. This makes trading the first hit a losing strategy. :(
    So, more than ever, don’t get hit and don’t ever miss.

  • Im extremely pleased it got buffed. It has always been my main and most favorite archer secondary. Now, it does more than tickle opponents, its great.

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