How many more free weekends and 66% discount?

  • How many more of these deals are you gonna provide to realise this game isn’t going anywhere really?
    We just had a free weekend with 66% sales off in one weekend, and now we have it again.
    Are sales really that dissapointing or haven’t you guys figured out this game isn’t maintaining a large vaste solid playerbase?

  • Steam decides on the frequency, not TBS

  • actually it takes the game’s company alot of begging to get so many weekend deals off. Steam doesn’t do jackshit on it’s own.

  • Hmm I wonder now…. most new players seem to start with Archer class (honestly the number of archers in free weekends is silly). Archer just got a pretty massive buff to their guns. Maybe it’s all a ploy to make new players feel like they are amazing archers.

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