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  • Hello sdk fellows, i have a n issue with my map.
    I used the “SM_Ocean” staticmesh, and it was fine, but then i tried to resize it and i became really huge. ( but i did’nt see it ). Then i compilate and 30mins later, crash.

    Now i would like to delete this ocean, but the problem is it is not in the “Search for actors” window.
    When i select ALL, it select also the ocean, but i can’t select it directly…

    Do someone have a tip to delete this kind of bug ? I still can remake the map, but it’s a bit long ^^

  • Developer

    Eh, does it show up in the Content Browser’s Scene tab?

  • It does not appear in the scene tab either. I think the cause is that i gived to him a gigantic siaze and the point to select it is out the level’s frontiers.
    Unfortunately i have no backup, so i’ll try to copy/paste terrains and staticmeshes… will not take too muth time to rebuild.

  • Ok I tried to select all things one by one ( that was not that mutch ) exept the ocean, and copy/pasted it on a new blank zone. But I was unable to save it then, some error about wrong paths packages or something…
    However i started a new one. :P

    And i have some question about textures.

    I saw that with F5 i waw able to change size and rotation ( etc )of a surface’s texture.
    But with a terrain’s texture, this doesn’t works. ( and reduce the tesselation of a terrain gives large texture, but poor terrain quality.

    So maybe there is a way like have :

  • I still need an answer for my previous question, anyone knows ?

    But i already have another, about geometry mode, and selecting eges of brushes. It’s kind of
    feeling drunk and low skilled at aiming… sometimes when you have to select 20 edges… it can makes you mad. :x

    any tips ? ^^

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  • Depends on what surface. Surface properties is F4 for BSP. Everything else, you need to edit the material.

    I highly recommend reading through the UDN, as it will answer most basic questions for you.

  • Thank you sir, i’ll read that :)

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