Torn Banner ruined this masterpiece

  • The game was perfect and smooth beforte this ???ing garbage ??? patch now everything is just as worse if not more broke.

    -Gameplay is not as fluid and responsive as before
    -You still jump/glitch into others
    -Blocking animation with the buckler is totally off and weird since the update
    -Now every spears your throw jam into the enemy or his shield and can easily be removed when you get close to him which is totally unrealistic

    • THE GOD DAMN SOUNDS WHEN YOURE OUT OF STAMINA FOR BOTH YOU AND THE ENEMY ARE WAYYY TO HEAVY FFS. Who the ??? wants to hear OUUUUHH HUH HAH HUH HAHHHH HUH as long as the fight is not ending once both players reach 0 stamina (Thats only since this ??? update)

    • You cant jump + F to kick/bash anymore since they completely broke shield bash by making it way too fast which is limiting gameplay style

    • Running as an archer feels like youre trying to run while wearing 100 pounds of armor when archers are the lightest class

    • They nerfed running speed so bad and facehugging is still there

    • when losing in duels/dying the chat is still a ???ing mess if not worse, Always cutting while youre typing forcing you to re-type the whole thing again.

    This update didnt fix ??? only turned this game to ???. Both of my friends who loved the game just as much as me agree this game is not as fun as it used to. I have put more than 300 hrs without ever complaining but this update totally ruined it.

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