Ping issue… Again

  • Ok, i already reported this one but it was totally ignored(blabla new patch performance issue).
    Now that the new patch is here, it’s just the same. My friends and i still got a very high pings(160+) when it should be something around 50-60.

    It’s seem to be linked to french players. Not everyone got this issue but i only saw it with players living in France.(i’m not talking about lag spikes)

  • I have a very high ping too and im french ! Papagreg told me that it might be people with free that have these problems (im with free :( )
    but the wierdest thing is that my best pings are on the US (120 ping) servers so it might be a thing between french players and European servers.
    Oh, and the patch really didn’t change anything for me.

  • I noticed that in the morning, (11am), my ping is normal (50-60) and that in the afternoon it increases to 150.

  • Same here. But i don’t think anyone care for now.(maybe later if we are lucky)
    At least, i didn’t put too much money in the game(thanks to the 4pack).

  • Too bad it’s lagging like that, because it’s a really good game :(
    if it continues like this, i won’t be playing very long

  • I don’t know if something has change with the game or the servers but my ping is finally normal(at least today). It’s a real pleasure to play in good conditions.

  • Developer

    We are releasing the dedicated server files to some French server providers soon to help fix the problem. No idea why the German servers aren’t providing good connections for you guys but there will be some french servers soon.

  • It’s not all the french that have(had ?) that problem, just some of us.

    But today, the connection was really great on the uk server(ping of 50). It’s the first time that i can play with a ping that is not 180+ in the evening. I have any idea of what have changed but that was great.

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