The New Parry Mechanic

  • I was fighting a knight with longsword and Imma vg with GS.

    He did this a few times.
    He deliberately swung outta reach and naturally I swung back knowing he cudnt reach me and i wanted to punish him for that naturally as a VG cos I know my reach well. He immediately block in attack recovery( well at the cost of more stamina) and thanks to this new parry mechanic he was now in close reach of me and I have given him initiative by getting parried. This cant be right.

    Also, I have tried ducking, making ppl miss their attack and striking back immediately but AGAIN, thanks to the new mechanic, they can counter this move and not get avoid being hit after missing for the mere cost of stamina.

    Dunno about you guys but in my opinion this is downright wrong. It functions the same way dodge functioned in the previous version when they could just escape with dodge during attack animation without consequence.

    On another note, though i hated the maa for this in the previous version, they do seem a little weak now. BUT please NO dodge hiding the windup of attack. I was thinking more distance in their dodge since it slowed down and the cooldown is working. Also, a little more base speed would be viable for them.

  • its bcuz u r nub

  • Damn I never even tried panic parrying at all.

    I dismissed the whole combo parrying thing because you can’t really tell when somebody is gonna attack so it’s just guesswork…and i’m afraid that guys would just delay counter-attacking while i combo block and then tag me (so sort of like giving them a free feint).

  • Is it just me or is this CoolZz guy an idiot?

  • I see his point… I think the panic parry is kinda dumb, personally.

  • It’s the exact same thing as combo feint to parry pre patch only it costs way most stamina.

  • Well not quite, you can parry a bit sooner now.

  • Z that is basically what every high skill level player could do already. You’re just going to see lower level players doing it now.

  • @Jstorm:

    Is it just me or is this CoolZz guy an idiot?

    Not just you

  • If you disagree with something, attack the post and not the poster.

  • Is it just me or is this CoolZz guy’s post really dumb?

  • @Daiyuki:

    Is it just me or is this CoolZz guy’s post really dumb?

    Not just you

  • You guys really give pros a good image.

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