Arrows after death

  • Arrows , bolts and ballista bolt? seems to disapear when you die, this, I think, should not happens! it is frustrating to shoot at the boats in TO, see ur bolt almost reach the boat, get killed and see your shot disapeared…same for archer duel, you know the arrow is getting the guy but it won,t if you die while the arrow is shot -_-

  • Are you sure? If this is actually true it would need to be fixed.

  • I’m not entirely sure this happens but it does look like my shot will hit the guy and then it disappears however looking on how to fix this in TB’s perspective it seems it will create a bit of problems at first I would suppose frame rate drop if they made all flying entities stay after death. Of course I don’t know if it would have hit him(being dead and all) and I don’t know if it’s actually difficult to fix.

  • IT certainly does work this way. If the owner of the projectile dies, the projectile disappears immanently. I don’t know if this holds true for firepots burning on the ground.

  • /signed

    Yes - this does happen. As an avid user of the crossbow, I can tell you from experience that if you fire a bolt at an enemy and the enemy is an archer and kills you first, the bolt will not hit / kill him afterwards. This needs to be addressed in a future patch.

    And as far as I know about oil pots, I know they recently fixed it so that when you walk over fire that is still burning that fire causes damage to you - I do not know whether or not oil pots disappear if you die whilst throwing them.

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