[CLOSED]Mod: Last Team Standing: Objective

  • This game mode will be continued by the ProMod devs

    This mod will be a game mode that will hopefully be used in competitive play, because as of now competitive tournaments are mainly Team Objective. This mod will be somewhat like Search and Destroy in Call of Duty. When the Agathians spawn in, there will be singular torch on the ground in front of them. The torch will only spawn once per round. When the player holding the torch is killed, the torch will be dropped on the ground, and be able to get picked up again by another Agathian. If the Agathians kill all of the defenders, then they are free to destroy the objective before the round ends, so that they win the round. The Masons will play as the defending team, but there are two objectives that need to be defended. If just one gets burned down the attacking team wins the round, but if the defending team kills all of the attacking team, then the defenders win that round. The same rules of LTS still apply: 3 minute rounds, one life per round, and first team to win 7 rounds wins.

    TL;DR - LTS with an objective

    Things that need to be done:
    Make torches drop on the floor on death.
    Make LTS rounds end prematurely by a completed objective

    Things that are already done:
    Two objectives with HUD markers.
    Burnable objectives.
    Text notifications of when all players of the enemy team have died.

  • Sounds really interresting ! Can’t wait to play this mod !

    If you are thinking about another easy mod to do, check this out :
    Name : Crown mod
    Description :
    Basically, it’s a classic FFA mod but the guy who do the first kill transforms into the king (more hp, weapons etc…) and stays king until someone kills him. If you kill the king, you get the crown and become king.
    The interresting thing is that, when you are the king, you get 2 “count kill” everytime you kill someone. So basically everyone will hunt you to become the king. Another interresting mechanic is that if a king stays alive too long (1min), he gets the HUD marker “Kill” above him (just like the king in TO) so that everyone knows where he is and begin to chase him.

    Just in case, feel free to do it if you are interrested by this idea ;)

  • I honestly love the idea of a 1 life objective mode for scrims, cant wait. But you guys should consider something along the lines of planting an old medieval gun powder bomb onto the enemies supplies to destroy them. and the bomb can also be diffused. secondly the teams should switch from offense to defense every round to keep things fair. but best of luck guys i really cant wait!

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