4v4 Super Competitive Team Objective. Ideas Inside!

  • I have long been saying that Chiv, once fully polished and without bugs, will one day be a very competitive tournament game. However, as it stands, there just isn’t the perfect mode wherein something like this can grow. I have recruited several friends to start playing with me, but once it comes down to it, there is no game mode where we can really feel like we are working together. The TO maps now are just too large for small team rounds to make any sense.

    I believe that 4v4 TO maps should become a game mode so that groups of friends can play against each other. It makes sense seeing as there are 4 classes, and it could really allow for some strategy to start making its way into the game. Team class combination would be vital (you shouldn’t be able to change your class once you’re in the game) and the maps could be a lot of fun.

    Imagine a map where, for example, Agatha is tasked with escorting the king (or prince, or queen, or whoever) out of the castle while it is being raided. We’re talking about 4v4 here, so 4 Mason would at the same time be trying to stop the Agatha. The first “phase” of this map would be getting the king out of the castle – navigating its labyrinthine corridors while fighting off the Mason. Meanwhile, the castle could be burning to the ground, adding another dangerous element to the situation (this could even somehow be interactive for the Mason, giving them a strategical advantage if done correctly).

    Once the Agatha have escaped the castle walls with their king, they must light a distress Pyre to signal for a ship pickup. This is Phase 2 and is a full-on beat down as the two teams directly collide over a key location since Mason must prevent Agatha from lighting this beacon and the Agatha must protect their king.

    Once the beacon is lit and the ship docks, we get to the wickedly fun Phase 3, where Archers become a key role for both sides. When the Agatha ship docks, any players still alive and not waiting to respawn will be able to board it, including Mason. Dead players, in Phase 3, will spawn on their own ship, so Agatha will spawn on the ship with the king and Mason will spawn on a different ship tailing the Agatha ship. Mason will be able to kick ladders from their ship to the Agatha ship and cross; meanwhile, Archers from both sides will be lighting the opposite ship up with arrows. Agatha are still trying to protect their king. Obviously, this part will be need to be balanced perfectly (Agatha having the king gives them a clear advantage). I picture a cannon on one or both of the ships. The game ends when Agatha defends their king until they get to their remote fortification, or when the Mason kills the king.

    I just wrote this idea up from scratch in about 30 minutes, so there are bound to be flaws (feel free to offer suggestions/improvements, I’d love to hear them and will edit my post once I receive feedback!) The point I’m trying to make is 4v4 could be a hell of a lot of fun. I want this mode to happen. What do you guys think?

    TL;DR: 4v4 maps could be a lot of fun and contain shenanigans involving ships and teamwork. It could also push Chiv toward being a truly competitive team game with both strategy and skill required.

  • It sounds well thought out and the map sounds like it would be hectic,strategical and fun. However being they don’t even plan on adding new weapons making a large change like this will unfortunately not happen or at least not for a long time.

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