Obvious marketing strategy..

  • so, the game is going on sale. things are starting to make sense. the archery buff, along with the vanguard strengths, are to appease new players entering via the sale (these are the classes that newer players seem to gravitate towards.) tbs simply plans to “hook” these new players; they will get them to love the game. then, when their playerbase has increased, they will return us to our former glory, so that the new playerbase will be the ones to suffer but stick around for their love of the game.

    genius. fear not, we will return to the promise land! have faith by lawd.

  • I’m pretty sure the new patch isn’t making newbies happy either. The things that would need to be done to retain new players still haven’t been addressed.

    Throwing in a few OP weapons isn’t going to keep them interested and I doubt that’s even why they’re there. They are there because someone doesn’t know how to balance probably. It’s not a marketing stunt it’s just a poor patch. Period.

  • plenty of people are having a great time with this patch, apparently. it is a fact that the patch made the game more casualized and approachable, albeit broken. ultimately i don’t believe for a second that this timing is out of nowhere; it is just too convenient that, just after the game becomes drastically simpler, a sale is started. and, as many do not believe, sales do not begin solely at steam’s whim. they are also begun by the publisher in question.

  • It does seem a little convenient, but I’ve seen plenty of new folks complain about archers as well. If TBS was really that naive to think that buffing archers is the way to go then shame on them, but even without the mechanics nerfing I wouldn’t say the game is balanced at this point. Just more “flat”.

  • TBS doesn’t actually have control as to when their games go on sale.

    Steam decides that.

    They just run it by them.

    As see natural selection also went on sale and there was the news art hat combined both games together saying they were on sale.

  • @BobT36:


    You’re not fooling anybody.
    I dont believe they will revert it afterwards, though. Simply because the noobfriendly casual live version will constantly attract new players, while the older ones will just quit.

  • Oh I do like a nice conspiracy theory and it fits right in with the medieval theme; riding accidents, dodgy lampreys etc. but I’m not convinced this one has any mileage. Any change is going to level the playing field for noobs and experienced players but people adapt very quickly.

  • @trickshot:

    while the older ones will just quit.

    Don’t let the door hit them on ass on the way out.

  • @Reginhard:

    Oh I do like a nice conspiracy theory…

    And the weapon/level reset it so that noobs can think they can do well by having a level 50 guy labeled as a level 0 going 48-10.

    I’m not being serious, it just had me chuckling to myself earlier. Don’t take this seriously.

  • You have too much faith in Tom Banner

  • this was mostly a joke post to add some humor to this sad state of affairs. but in all seriousness, steam does not 100 percent decide when sales occur, so please do not bring such unsourced shillery here. the game was casualed out before a sale. even if it’s inadvertent, it’s marketing.

  • If only they were that devious, and reverted to pre-patch. However, I don’t think that is the case. So we will just have to adapt and at the same time, for those of us who dislike it, help develop the Chivalry: Pmod.

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