Loadout repeatedly switching in duel

  • I was playing with crossbow/shortsword/shield in a duel server, and the first 5 or 6 rounds were perfectly fine. Suddenly, I spawned with longbow & dagger, so I had to do a round like that and switch back for the next round. However, every single round afterwards, unless I had switched to crossbow during the previous round, I would spawn with longbow & dagger. Anyone else had this affect them?

    P.S. This may be related to the rank 0 glitch, because I was affected by that during this particular match.

  • Can confirm, wasn’t rank 0 at the time though.

  • If you attempt to use the xbow with the pavise shield, there’s a good chance you’ll spawn with longbow and stock dagger.

    Fix: use the extra ammo.

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