Stamina drain from jumping

  • This isn’t a real major issue, more of an annoyance. It is mostly just my play-style which I am reluctant to change :D , but I thought i would post here to see what other peoples thought are on the matter.

    Since the new patch, stamina is a hell of a lot easier to run out of especially as maa, but is fairly well balanced in my opinion. However, as a player that often spams spacebar to jump up and down while running around the battlefield whether tactically or for general shenanigans I find my stamina runs out WAY to quickly and I am left COMPLETELY defenseless before any battle has commenced.
    This stamina drain just seems way too excessive especially for the poor nimble maa who gets exhausted after a few little jumps. I think the stamina drain from jumping should be at least halved from what it is currently.
    This could be for all classes or maybe this should just be for the maa, as this is the class I notice it with mostly.

  • Stop bunnyhopping.

  • @dudeface:

    Stop bunnyhopping.


  • There is no bunnyhopping in this game lol.

  • If you use jumps tactically, perhaps to do a fadeaway thrust or jumping overhead, the stamina drain is acceptably small.

  • Stamina drain for jumping is really small. How many times do you jump?

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