Queued Parry? Non-initiated Attacks?

  • For some reason after this new patch, I find myself constantly parrying in the middle of fights even though I swear I haven’t right clicked. It sometimes seems to happen when I cancel an attack (Q), which apparently has been changed in this new patch (in addition to eating away all of your stamina in a heartbeat).

    I’m also having issues with stabbing attacks (scroll wheel up) occurring without me initiating them, which never happened to me until this patch. For example — this has happened at least three or four times now — as I am chasing someone down, my character suddenly stabs (without me touching the mouse wheel). I have no idea why this has happening.

    Overall I feel like I have a lot less CONTROL over my actions in the game all of a sudden. Is this intended??? I am asking a serious question here.

    ALSO: **Is the “non-initiated parry” caused by the “queued parry” feature from the patch? Can I disable this new queued parry?! It seems like a step backward in terms of real-time control, and is similar to the old “double parry” bug from a few months back (when double right-clicking made you parry multiple times which were uncancellable). It seems like the same problem now has been reintroduced.

    One other quick question: Is it a bug now that Knight’s longsword does so little damage? I think it does less damage than the shortsword. I can kill vanguards in three hits using the shortsword, but it now takes me overhead+swing+swing+stab (4 hits) to kill a vanguard with the longsword, which is supposed to do more damage. I’ve since stopped using the weapon entirely…**

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