• Hi, i bought this game this week, and i have been trying to connect to brazilian servers called “coldfire”. I cannot connect to them for some reason. There are two other servers i can connect, but they dont have as much people… Whats the problem with coldfire? i want to play… Please help.

    Restarting Steam does not work.

  • Developer

    I don’t know what’s up with these servers, nor do I know who’s hosting them. If you can find out, you may want to contact them directly, or try working with your ISP to see if there’s some routing issue or something.

    Googling for them got me this previous thread about the same issue: viewtopic.php?f=69&t=3586

  • Im the host of these servers, and honestly cant do anything to solve this.
    Ive tried everything. The only thing that can be remotely possible is a failure to do the STUN ([]( and the servers sometimes freezes with a message saying that there was a error in STUN.C (dont have the exact message right now).

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