Knight class broken.

  • Knight class has had its effectiveness nerfed way too far in the last patch. Knight swords are completely useless, especially when playing competitively. Torn banner has effectively removed 3 weapons from the game (competitively). Why? Knights may have been slightly OP before the patch. But to fix this, you nerf all of their swords, buff anti knight weapons? The patch went too far. SoW at least should revert to pre patch speed, reach and dmg (though I know only some of those were changed). Same goes for the longsword. Vanguards are now the OP class and every competent knight I know (that uses a sword, and a few who use other knight weapons) are hurrying to switch to vg as preferred class. Please fix this bug ASAP. Im sure you didnt intend to do this, probably just accidentally changed a few hundred lines of code.

  • I don’t think this belongs here.

  • Intentional?

  • Just try out the messer, it´s still a good sword to clean up mess with!

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