[ARCH] Chivalry: Guerilla Warfare

  • Do you find yourself constantly getting dismembered as an archer? Are you not racking up kills as an arrow-slinger? Do you find it hard to effectively support your team as a bowman? There’s hope still, you may be a candidate for Guerilla Warfare.

    Before we begin, we must ask ourselves: What is a regular archer’s role?

    1. Providing support to melee players by whittling down incoming enemies
    2. A counter-archer position
    3. Providing suppressive fire and allowing your teammates to advance

    But, you ask, “What is a… “Guerilla Archer”?

    A guerilla archer is a deadly, hit-and-run unit that is most effective when deployed with a heavy crossbow, facilitating one-shot-one-kill care and accuracy. This type of archer may find himself deployed opposite his team, clinging to cover and firing at any fool unlucky enough to be found in the open.

    Whereas most archers stay relatively stationary and strafe back and forth, making them a prime target for dismemberment, a guerilla archer clings to cover, only moving when pressed into melee or after a shot is taken.

    What kind of shots should I take as a… “Guerilla Archer”?

    Simple. You are watching over a melee fight and picking off any incoming combatants or stragglers who managed to depart and are heading for safer ground. It is vastly important to never fire into a melee.

    There’s an entire team of vanguards/knights/men-at-arms coming in my direction! What do I do?

    If you’ve followed the previous advice and found foliage or something to hide in/behind/under, stay still, don’t move, and wait for them to pass. Once they’re a sufficient distance away, and possibly about to open melee combat with your teammates, feel free to open fire.

    You’d be surprised how often players fail to notice the terrified crossbowman huddling in a bush. Just yesterday, I had a group of four vanguards pass within three feet of me while I cowered in a tree.

    What about a bow? Or another crossbow? Why just the heavy crossbow?

    A bow is more geared toward rapid fire and lower damage, thus making it a great choice for crowd-control. A crossbow sports a laser-flat projectile trajectory and a massive damage output. You can one-shot archers and men-at-arms to the torso, and a bolt into the torso of a big, beefy knight in his tin suit will make him think twice about trying to clean up that melee.

    What about mobility?

    Find a position, take your shot, and move on, unless your target has closed the distance and pressed you into melee. Reload once you have changed cover. Nothing in this tutorial is as important as sticking to cover.

    What about melee?

    Try to avoid it, but don’t be afraid to take advantage of an archer’s backstab bonus. As far as weapons, shun the daggers. Sure, you can easily overwhelm a big beefy knight with a dagger, but it will take too long, you’ll make a big ruckus, and then his friends will come and show you what for. Then you’re in some deep trouble.

    Dispatch your enemy using a shortsword, sabre, or cudgel. I prefer the cudgel. After that clunky knight is lying in what could pass for a crushed soda can, run like the wind. Don’t look back; find cover, reload, get back in the action.

    Are other archers viable targets?

    Absolutely. If there’s an archer suppressing your team, move into position and drop him.

    How do I counter this type of soldier?

    I’m not telling you that.

    This archer is never directly associated with a team, he watches over them from a distance, but moves with them when appropriate.

    Cover, in this tutorial, means foliage or an obstruction that can conceal you from enemies. It doesn’t mean that ridiculous door some archers carry around on their backs.

    If you’re pressed into a melee with a group of opponents, you’re in for a bloodbath. Use their “team mentality” to your advantage: dodge in and out, behind and away, and watch as they attempt to kill each other. When they’re weak, scattered, and broken by team damage, move in with your secondary and break their ranks, then simply off them.

    I find that my kill counts massively increase when listening to The White Death by Sabaton.

    This “build” is exceptionally useful on Last Team Standing (LTS) maps, and slightly less so on Team DeathMatch (TDM) or Team Objective (TO)

    The success of this build often depends on the map itself- maps like Dark Forest and Frigid are great, but maps such as ThroneRoom and Arena- less “organic” maps- tend to lack proper cover or “game trails”.

    Peripheral awareness is also paramount to this build- a surround-sound headset is useful. A lot of deaths happen to this soldier in the shape of a vanguard creeping up on him with a Zweihander. Pay attention to your surroundings.

    Stay hidden, my friends.

  • This “build” is exceptionally useful on Last Team Standing (LTS) maps, and slightly less so on Team DeathMatch (TDM) or Team Objective (TO)

    I disagree.
    I’ve been using this strategy ever since I was able to use the heavy crossbow, and I find myself getting lots of kills in TO and TDM.
    In LTS I get quite a lot of kills.
    Lots of > Quite a lot of.

    In LTS, enemies always attack in mobs, so it’s hard to kill them without making them notice you.
    In TO and TDM there’s always the group of three Van’s trying to ambush the archers in the back, just asking to be beheaded by a bolt of steel. :P

    The best strategy for LTS is, IMO, to let the enemies pass, then shoot all archers, then shoot the ones in the back of the group (and, possibly, the ones who noticed you shooting their friends). The rest of your team will have finished off the front line of the group, so reloading your crossbow will only be a waste of time. This is usually the moment I grab my cudgel and make them kill eachother off.

  • @Carolean:

    BLA BLA BLA Heavy crossbow, hell yeah baby BLA BLA BLA dagger BLA BLA BLA be a ninja BLA BLA BLA Stay Hidden

    Yeah I read all and that would be fun to play.

    Thank you.

  • Personally I just can’t get into the crossbow. Crossbow is great against stationary archers but meh they are rarely stationary and I can’t be bothered with it.

    I do like the shortbow with the default arrows to get up and personal against enemy melee. It does not rake in the kills but as you know getting flinched mid fight is a bitch and so I find it the ultimate “help your team” weapon.

    Shortbow is great for specialty tasks like keeping people off the ram in Stoneshill.

    Having said that rapid arrows are not usually more effective than taking a careful shot with the warbow. Mostly its all about positioning and making sure you have a team mate to protect you. But in pubs gees you can rip someone apart with a short sword, stamina or no stamina.

  • I’ve often wondered if the sling is supposed to do just that- flinch people in the middle of combat, at minimum risk to team members.

    I played the shortbow like that for a while, it was pretty effective. Really fun too.

    But if you get a singular teamkill as an archer, it’s a warcrime…

    I just realized that there are other things on this website than your signature.

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