120HZ support?

  • So I just got a Korean Yamasaki Catleap 2B Extreme. It is a 2560 x 1440p, 27’’, S-IPS, and OC’ed it to 120HZ - Amazing, it’s almost like a CRT again. It’s so smooth and it feels almost like hacking in some FPS’s because for most with 60HZ monitors, all they see is a blurry mess during motion, while I can make out alot more.

    But some games don’t support it, or have to be hacked to. Unreal Engine 3 has a 62fps cap in most cases, you can usually edit the .ini to change this, but some Multiplayer games place a hardcap on it. Just make it a selectable option for V-Sync as well. So I don’t have to go around and using custom fixes. :P

    Will Chivalry support 120HZ? ANd I mean actual 120HZ, not fake, like alot of TV’s have.

  • have you played chivalry as of yet ? you can check vsync on/off in the games vid config.

    or as you mentioned alter the engines ini file.
    The 62 fps cap holds true until you alter bSmoothFrameRate.
    However, When playing online, even after altering, the engine is capped at 90FPS regardless of these settings, and can’t be uncapped further. in console type stat fps and while sitting on the games splash screen you will see your fps soaring well over 100 but when your actually in game the 90fps cap will be in effect.

    to obtain anything above 62fps you can alter bSmoothFrameRate to False in c:/user/documents/mygames/Chivalry Medieval Warfare/UDKGame/Config/UDKEngine [Engine.Engine] and see frames in the 90 range depending upon your system.

  • Ah ok, I know about the usual 90FPS cap, due to Multiplayer Syncing and all that.

    Still, wish it went the full 120HZ.

    90HZ is better than 60HZ regardless, so still an improvement.

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