Hosting server - certain weapons going through enemies

  • I’m hosting a Chiv Dedi server on my home server and people can connect etc, HOWEVER, as a knight, longsword and SoW (and actually a handful of other weapons from what I could see) overheads and stabs just completely GO THROUGH enemies. they do no dmg, but will go right thru their body. even if they parry, the parry doesn’t actually connect. lmb and alt swing connect fine, but for whatever reason, stab and overhead just look like you’re swinging at a ghost. I’ve restarted the server plenty of times and nothing in the logs seems to lead me anywhere.

    anyone experienced this? very bizarre and frustrating.

  • Developer

    Generally this is because a few .ini files are out-of-date. UDKFamilyInfo.ini, UDKNewWeapon.ini, UDKDamageType.ini, and UDKWeaponAttachment.ini need to be updated between patches, both in the main config directory and any config subdirectories you use (for now; all of this stuff will be moved into scripts soon to help with modding)

  • Awesome, that fixed it, thanks : ]

    now I’ve just got another issue which I’ve posted about and things should be running great :-D

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