Argon's Wall Graphical Bug

  • Hopefully someone else had this problem and it wasn’t just me experiencing it. Before the patch, all of the maps worked fine and there were no graphical bugs or issues at all. With the release of the patch this week, I encountered a graphical bug on the map Argon’s Wall. When waiting to spawn, everything looks fine. When you begin to walk / run through the map however, certain areas of the map turn your character model / weapons black and you lose all of your textures on your character (some other world objects that are within the map are effected too). I tried to quit and reload the game to see if that would help with the issue, but it has so far occurred on all the times I have played that map.

    Any body else experience something similar on Argon’s Wall? Any ideas on what causes it?

  • Its the shadows, if you look towards the sun you see that your model goes completely black in some areas of the map.

  • It’s really annoying because I don’t know as easily whether I’m running into an enemy or a team mate.

    In retrospect, it does make it a little easier to kill people because it also makes it almost impossible to see and therefore avoid/parry attacks.

  • Just a shameless bump so the devs can see it! :P :D

  • Yes, there is some very dark shadows on that map. Battlegrounds has a tiny amount of it as well in a few areas just in front of the first Agatha spawn.

  • Yeah since a new patch was released I noticed this map bag on Argons wall its called a shade bag on my server.Lots of players complain about it because your character model is all black and it couses lots of teamkills on that map.Before the patch everything was fine.Sometimes I have a feeling that this new patch brought even more bags then game had before like annoying rank and weapon unlock bag.Please fix those ASAP.See you on the battlefield.

  • Yeah thanks for posting this, I totally forgot about it, it needs to be addressed

  • Addressed in hotfix.

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