Patch feedback.

  • Well like with most things in life,the patch is not as bad as the haters claim it to be,but neither is it good as the developers claim it to be.
    The combat feels slightly less responsive which is annoying at first,but after a few hours,you get used to it.
    Some people asked me:“How did you adapt so well to the changes in the new patch ?”
    And my answer to that was: “If you weren’t a heavy exploiter and only relying on combo-feint to parry and super dodge to save your ass,you shouldn’t have any trouble adapting to this patch in less than an hour”.

    The patch feels normal,certainly not as bad as some people say it is,but there are quite a few bugs in this patch,that i found very annoying.
    1.Rank 0 bug.
    2.All weapons locked on the start of every round.
    3.Stab through shield bug still possible.
    4.Health and Stamina bars not showing on the start of the map
    I am sure there are more,but i will leave it to your wild imagination,(if that doesn’t work viewforum.php?f=87 )
    But the thing that bugs me the most is that Men at Arms are now more powerful than ever,and i have tested this out many times.
    Example: Almost any decent MAA now has a chance to win a duel against me if i am playing knight,but if i go MAA(which i never played) myself,i win without him landing a hit.
    Not only that,but,i am succeeding at besting some skilled knights and vanguards with a class i didn’t put more than 2 hours in.
    But all the blame should not be put on the class as the BroadSword and Norse Sword hit tracers are totally off,it is so damn easy to go around parries with these 2 weapons.
    Well i think the fact that 95% of MAA’s use it as their primary speaks for itself.
    All in all,not the best patch we could have got,but neither is it the worst we could have gotten.

  • I haven’t heard the developers claim anything. If they did its a real bad PR move that’s likely to backfire.

  • The entire game was fundamentally broken. Like alpha state broken. The patch fixed some things but the game is still broken. I think they should just move on to a new product.

  • I never relied on glitches, I relied on stabs and blocks. I can’t play melee anymore, at least not properly.
    as an Archer my amount of kills didn’t increase because it’s easier to hit, they stayed the same because I can’t kill anyone in close quarters.
    I don’t hate 70% of the patch, but the hit detection is so ridicolous so it makes me rage all the time, just yesterday I had to shoot to the left of people for my arrows to hit them instead of hitting them. . . That’s never happend before.

  • Well i think the fact that 95% of MAA’s use it as their primary speaks for itself.

    Idk now, who could know with just some days since the patch, but before the patch this is totally wrong, i remember more maa with dane, morning star, hatchet than norse and broad, because those sword need 4shot for knight and require more footwork than dane and morning star.

    edit about the tracer : after trying more there is something wrong about it for sure yeah, i’m quite surprise since i didnt really feel it so much before, so i don’t know if it’s because of this patch or not but yeah actually, something is wrong :>

  • I like the patch but:

    -too much hittrade
    -fast overhead not really fixed (even stronger than before imo)

    • Parrying is REALLY easy
      -1v2 is really harder (due to the sprint lockout and easy parrying)
    • i miss feint-block :( (not combo feint)
    • and yeah maa is really easy to play :/
      -Nice buff to the sprint charge, but it should bound to another key from the start to stop idiots from using it.
      I hated the patch at first, but i find it okay now, even though it really went in the casual direction. (the sprint lockout wasn’t really needed imo)
      Oh, and massive tks now, even by high ranked players( 30+)

  • @Sirbarthelemy:

    Well i think the fact that 95% of MAA’s use it as their primary speaks for itself.

    Idk now, who could know with just some days since the patch, but before the patch this is totally wrong, i remember more maa with dane, morning star, hatchet than norse and broad, because those sword need 4shot for knight and require more footwork than dane and morning star, about the tracer i think you’re going to far.

    Pre-Patch yes,dane was the most used weapon,but right now all the MAAs use the BroadSword.
    If you don’t believe me about the hit tracers,let’s go on a server together,i can bet you won’t be able to block 90% of my attacks.
    Also,Broad and Norse generally require less footwork than Dane and especially morning star since it’s so slow.
    And in reply to xylvion: They didn’t change anything about archers,except that they removed the FPS bug,and made arrows fly a bit faster,and further.
    Also they buffed Saber,which is now very nice and viable.
    If i were an archer i would definitely use it.

  • Well this is me basically proving my point to sirbarthelemy/Sir Edmund.
    We got onto a server and dueled with broad and norse sword so i can show him how broken the hit tracers are.
    Sir Edmund the rabbit: do you know i am Sirbarthelemy on the forum x) ?

    This is the chat we had after some duels.Of course this is not all the chat we had,i am just pasting the bits that clearly show that he admits that the sword hit tracers are broken.
    Note:Norse sword is edmund’s main weapon for a very long time.

    BB.Qrade: didn’t even feint
    BB.Qrade: you think that would be possible with any other weapon
    BB.Qrade: ?
    Sir Edmund the rabbit: yh don’t feint
    BB.Qrade: ANY ?
    BB.Qrade: that’s not broken ?
    Sir Edmund the rabbit: wauit i’m not accoutumed with knight
    BB.Qrade: get maa
    BB.Qrade: and try to bloc kme
    BB.Qrade: not broken ?
    Sir Edmund the rabbit: idk never feel this problem before

    Sir Edmund the rabbit: i never feel like i couldn’t block really so i don’t understand
    Sir Edmund the rabbit: i have a low sens, and you angle each side everytime
    Sir Edmund the rabbit: i think i block bad
    Sir Edmund the rabbit: try vs sponge, he’s gonna block everything
    -So i dueled sponge with broadsword.-
    Sir Edmund the rabbit: why i never hit him then ?
    Sir Edmund the rabbit: and you hit him 2times without he can block lol
    Sir Edmund the rabbit: or there is a problem with you only
    Sir Edmund the rabbit: cause iswear sponge is really hard to hit
    Sir Edmund the rabbit: and i use the same
    Sir Edmund the rabbit: maybe you find a bug for bypass parryy or something but i never see that
    Sir Edmund the rabbit: not really, i’m just surprise, maybe it’s because of this patch, i never really feel that, and never really bypass someone guard that much to
    Sir Edmund the rabbit: did you constate the same thing, before the patch ?
    BB.Qrade: yup
    Sir Edmund the rabbit: well yh it’s weird, seeing against sponge to, the stab i can understand since it’s really aimed at the side, but the overhead who hit ponge many time, was pretty weird lol
    Sir Edmund the rabbit: since again, i have difficulties for hit him with the same weapon
    Sir Edmund the rabbit: idk i don’t mind it’s true there is something to fix
    Sir Edmund the rabbit: but make the weapon super slow is not gonna be a good solution

    So that’s about it,after that i went and dueled for about 5 mins with the broadsword,and i got some screenshots.

    I don’t know why i went through all of this trouble to prove this,but i guess i like proving people wrong :P !
    So devs please FIX THE HIT TRACERS !

  • There seems to be this opinion many people have, that the patch was most damaging to exploiting players…Maybe that’s true but…

    As I’ve said before I wasn’t even sure what a “combo feint” was…I knew about lookdowns but NEVER used them because I consider that cheap…My play style was 100% timing, execution, careful striking, careful feinting, and expert level parrying. None of that seems to matter anymore, I’m now losing constantly to people who button mash. Especially broad sword MAAs which seem unblockable in some instances. Chivalry was not a game where that worked before. I felt like I was the definition of a “skill” player, and now the playing field has just been equalized…I don’t want to play a game where people who just honestly aren’t as good have an equal chance.

    Also, randomly: Still can’t type at end of map when scoreboard is up. This should have been fixed in the FIRST patch. In basically any other multiplayer game I can think of you can type until the map changes. Little things like this are important.

    I have played FPS games competitively since the doom days on Dwango…And one of the first things I noticed in Chivalry is that my footwork was so much better than most people, that contributed more to my success than anything. That comes from TWENTY YEARS of playing fps games. And now, especially because of sprint lockout, that has changed for the worse. My 20 years of experience has been marginalized.

  • Norse Sword stab is the worst. Broadsword is blockable, even though it still goes through perfect parries a fair amount of the time.


    I like the patch but:
    -too much hittrade

    Way too much.

  • hmm well these weapon bugs need ironing out asap…. devs!

  • I can pretty much agree with the first post. Besides the MMA thing, I wasnt able to gather enough input to take a stance in this case.

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