I'm not having fun since the patch

  • This is my first post on these forums, so let me begin by thanking TB for a great time. There are only 2 other games that I’ve spent over 400 hours in and still had fun, so thanks.

    That being said, the patch definitely changed this game for the worse. Pre-patch, combat always felt fresh, fast, and exciting. Even playing as a rank 43 I was still learning new things and improving my game. The game had a huge skill curve and it was possible for a great player to 4 v 1 bad players and come out on top.

    The game is now slow and combat is boring. Changing certain mechanics caused this (Combo feint removal, stamina changes, chase changes, alt swing changes, and others). I probably could have lived with one or two of these things changing (ultra fast alt swings clipping through blocks was BS pre-patch) but all of these at once has resulted in a very different game, and I think it is worse.

    A lot of the people voicing displeasure with the patch are being dismissed as “competitive tryhard clanfags”, but I’ve never played a competitive match and I’m not in a clan but I still think many of the changes were wrong. I really hope that some of these things are revisited, because I doubt that I will step foot in another game with the game being as it is.

  • I have over 200 hours in the game and I honestly don’t know how to combo feint so I’m not sure how that changed things…Maybe I did it on accident before? But regardless, the game feels so slow and just unappealing now. I feel sick right now because I want to play Chiv but it…doesn’t exist anymore.

  • So my early conclusion is that it is all about the chase mechanic. This is a complex issue to be discussed further when I am sober

  • @gregcau:

    when I am sober

    I don’t think many of us live that long.

    OT: Welcome to the club. You’ll find many of us agree with you. Also, I have about 60 hours in, and generally do shit in duels, but even I know good flow when I see it. Sure, some things were a little too much, but it’s like throwing an ocean on a campfire to douse it.

  • I’m not really having fun, either. It’s really hard to let go of that twitch experience you get when you win those 1vs4s consistently, and then get dragged down to losing 1vs2s. It really makes playing on the attacking team way less fun in TO because of the typical defense spawn advantages. It takes way longer to kill someone 1vs1 sometimes now, so the chances of that person getting help from team mates increases. I feel like I’m forced onto defending team sometimes now, and I’m just not having fun with it. Since you can’t combo feint to parry nearly as consistently any more, I also feel like I’m not in full control of my character. The slower gameplay just doesn’t feel as exciting. I feel frustrated and weaker, I liked being able to win based on making good quick decisions and having good reactions. It’s way more boring when it’s slow and “wait for the other person to make a mistake.” I always thought feint to parry needed to go or be changed, but now that it is gone, I kinda’ want it back.

    I really hate the new chase mechanic too because it makes dealing with archers and MaAs that much worse. I’m adapting to the new game like I’ve done with every patch, but this one feels like the slowest and worst adapting so far. I do like some of the patch changes though, and I’m overall happy about getting patches at all.

  • 49. I wasn’t playing to be be competetive nor was in a clan, just like you, the OP. I was playing less and less due to certain issues until the patch came and I played it a bit to find out what has been changed. Now I keep playing more and more. I find combat better, more intensive and intuitive. Game is fun in the first time in a long time. It’s pretty clear there are two groups of people here: those who like changes and those who don’t.

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