Something seems… off...

  • Ever since the latest patch I began noticing something different within the game. Now I like to impale my enemies as they are dying, hell even when they’re already dead; which led me to discovering this… well… I don’t know what to call it.

    When you kill an enemy and they begin their death animation, a lot of people (especially me :D) like to land the final blow. It felt quite brutal as well and you could almost feel the devestating final hit. But now, they seem almost lighter. Like once the character dies, and begins the death animation, they turn into a light sponge.

    You’ll hit them, and there no longer is a sound effect, and it feels like I just knocked styrofoam over or something. I’m not sure if this is intended for whatever reason, or what. All I know is that the brutality level decreased slightly because of this. It just lost an element that felt so… just awesome.

    Some insight on this would be nice. :P

  • Indeed! I felt exactly the same thing.

    I also do that when killing an enemy. I like to cut their head off then they are on their knees about go down permanently down. And now when i swing my sword when their death animation is going on, it feels like i’m hitting air. No noise and most of times no beheading. It’s like their body turns immune.

    They’re already dead i know, but it was a cool thing to do.

  • i like to kick them over and you are right it has changed, no longer works very well or feels right.

  • Man, I really miss that. I also always used to chop their head off when they went down on their knees.

  • Idc if it’s intended or not, this needs to be fixed.

  • Developer

    Just a bug, we’ll fix it so you sickos can get back to proper corpse mutilation :D.

  • Thanks Tibbs, there’s nothing like gore-filled mutilation in the morning! 8-)

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