RushSecond's ideas on game pace and stamina costs

  • During the beta I warned TB that stamina costs would become an issue. They ignored me and released the patch. Turns out I was right. Now the forums are filled with anger and calls for a revert. A revert would be a bad idea of course because the changes themselves were sound ideas, just the execution of the details were not perfect.

    The biggest mechanic’s issue that the patch introduced is that the combat is slowed down by the excessive stamina costs. Combo-feint-parry cost 15 stamina prepatch, and it was replaced by the panic parry which costs 25 stamina. There’s also combo-parry which costs 10, but that’s largely useless because it’s often way too early and you get hit anyway. That extra 10 from panic parry racks up quick when you use it often, and thus we get situations where prolonged fights or 1vN fights quickly run you out of stamina, making high-skill combat slower and fighting multiple people much harder or impossible, which causes the competitive community to rage and threaten to quit, or split the community with their own mod.

    I’m going to actually give some constructive ideas to fix this, rather than calling for a revert. Use and discuss one or all of the ideas if you want to:

    • Decrease stamina cost of panic parry from 25 to 15
    • Decrease stamina costs of successful parries/blocks even more (not sure why successful defenses are being punished so much currently)
    • Add a small, constant stamina regeneration that applies even during combat (so you don’t naturally run out of stamina in long fights, only if you rely on feints and panic parry too much)
    • Decrease recovery times for many weapons (so panic parry isn’t as necessary)
    • Decrease combo times for some weapons (HWS, Saber, Norse Sword, 1H knight swords all have unrealistically long combo times compared to their windups. Helps speed up the game a little and make combos more appealing)

  • The last 2 changes are a great way to turn this into a one-handed spam-fest.

  • Because?

  • I’ve heard no one complain about stamina.

    In fact when some people wanted things to be reverted they said there could be more stamina cost to balance it out.

    Stamina is fine. As now you actually have to worry about stamin management. Before you didn’t really have to worry about stamina.

    Stamina should be something to worry about. And it is. So stamina is fine.

    And decreasing times for weapons? That’s silly. It will turn it into a spam fest. Its not hard to forsee.

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