Signature Size Guidelines

    • Any signatures seen that are not adhering to the guidelines described below will be edited down, without notice, at a moderator’s discretion.

    • In the event that common sense does not prevail and stupidly large signatures are still being used, a static size limit will be enforced in the forum configuration for all users. As this can sometimes be irritable, we would prefer this to be a last resort.

    As a guideline, signatures should include no more than the size of a single line, standard-size horizontal banner, and three lines of text. (My own is pushing the maximum tolerable size).
    This should be no larger than around 200 pixels combined. (Take a screen snip and check the height in the file properties / details page, or simply PM a moderator if you are concerned).

    As previously mentioned, if some users continue to fail to grasp that this is a game discussion forum, NOT Bebo / [generic profile whoring site here], we will enforce a static limit for all users. The focus should be on your posts, not your signature.

    Examples of acceptable signature sizes:


    Good clans don’t just consist of good players, they consist of good people

    -(1 Image & 3 lines should be enough)–--------------------
    Interitus - Duels click to connect
    1st Place - North American 2v2 Tournament
    1st Place - North American 8v8 TO Tournament


    -(Steam banners are ok to mix, use this small one though)–-


    We would appreciate your cooperation. Be aware that these guidelines are also now part of the Chivalry Forum Rules.

  • As to the above, use your common sense.

    We’re not going to delete anything or ban anyone for 202 pixels, however some of the sigs on here are completely taking the p** and take up over half my screen on a 24" monitor.

    I would hope that common decency is respected so we can keep some general freedom with sizes and creativity. :)

  • Just a reminder that this rule is now in effect.

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