More Content Please

  • Hey TB

    So thanks for the several balance patches, its been cool to see some things get fixed, and a few others broken, but hey thats the way of patches. NWN had patches from release to 2007 and it still managed to break something in the last patch.

    Anywhom now that we have had so many balance fixes and patches, I’d like to see some more content. I’m not sure about how everyone else feels, but I could forgive the balance issues a bit more if I had something new to aim for. Say a few more unlockable weapons or some other unlockable goal like armor pieces or something. But do please make them unlockable and earned, not given like the flail and other weapons, as that was half the fun of the first month on Chivalry.

    I’d like to see some more content additions. Now I believe this can possibly be rectified in two ways. Either with the release of the SDK, which will allow modders to add content (Though limit the content to servers running mods of course), or by delivering new content yourselves.

    Anywhom that’s pretty much all I have to say.

    Anyone else up for more content focus and a little less balance for a wee bit?

  • Thats why they are working on the finishing up the SDK, I think the community will add more interesting maps than TBS will. Hopefully the best of those maps will make their way back into the main content so they become available for everyone, not just select private servers.

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