"Server Rules" for creative game types

  • It would be great (after the game is released in October perhaps) to cycle through heaps of different rule sets on particular servers, to keep things fresh.

    Some examples of what I mean:

    FFA - Only Archers, Only Axes, Only Fire etc.
    No Archers, No Axes, No Fire etc.
    Double/half health and/or stamina

    TDM - Archers & Maa vs. Vanguards & Knights
    Teams of Two (with respawn occuring next to partner if alive)
    “Horde mode”: Humans vs. bots

    Maybe have people be able to vote for popular ones after each match? Is this possible or am I dreaming? :D

  • Personally I dislike this idea because in other games it makes joining servers feel like opening a box of chocolates. You never know what you will get and gameplay is inconsistent.

  • Mutators! It does seem only fitting that a game on the Unreal engine should have them.

    @X, you’d be able to filter servers by mutators so you could just hide all servers using them and play vanilla, or play a specific one.

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