Remove the level unlocking mechanic for weapons and ability

  • Ok, as you may know, Chivalry has a leveling mechanic for weapons. But, sadly I find it useless. I am an old gamer, played and helped Ro 2 developers, with theyr game. But also I played Chivalry, since Age of Chivalry was in its beta stages.

    However, the unlock system is broken and useless. I also found a way, to completely remove the command, because, I don’t like leveling just for the sake of leveling. I play the game, because I enjoy it. I understand, that by implementing such a mechanic, people would play the game more often. But I have a better ideea, who has played FEAR 2.
    In this game, the unlock mechanic is a bit different, you have points, atrbitutes, that you can spend on your arsenal. It functions like this: 12 points: 3 costs armor, 2 ammo, 2 med pack. And the rest of 5 is for buying weapons, you can sacrifice armor for a better weapon. Which in this case, is exactly what the game needs.

    The problem, with the unlock system, is that, it is broken. It doesn’t work properly, also it isn’t well balanced. By implementing such a feature, the game will be a lot balanced. Making the archer class, a lot more balanced, than it is now.

    So please devs, listen to me, hope you can do something about this. I figured a way, to modify the engine stats, using a cheat unlocker, to unlock all weaps. So please, do something about this. Because, as it stands now. This feature is useless.

  • Permaban.

  • Really, this is kinda weird, I work in animation and 3ds max. I applied on the forum to help you with my friends, which are also modders. :D

    If you don’t want it, I understand. You don’t want to make your game better, also don’t threaten me, I am a renowed steam member. Bans don’t affect me, I can easily modify my IP.

  • Woah. This guy. I’m a renowned chiv forum goer and games on net administrator. I can be important too.

    It was a joke.

    The kill base unlock system isn’t bad. An it means players play with all weapons and they will find out many aspects of the game. They could also find that they are good with certain weapons they wouldn’t have used unless there was an incentive to do so.

    Hacking the game in this way just ruins it for player.

  • I like the current system gives you a incentive to try every weapon, I loved unlocking all the weapons. I hated javelin but by the time I unlocked them all I was like javelin is pretty damn fun. Now that they are all unlocked I just play the game but I don’t have any extra goals.

  • Ok, but the system, proposed by me, is almost the same. But in practical and theory it works a lot better. Firstly, you can try every weapon you want. Secondly is much more practical. But more important, the leveling in this game is useless. I mean, when you have a huge bow or crossbow, or a high damage sword, what would make you go and pick a weaker one?

    By the system I suggested, you can to just that, without thinking much of the consequences. It is just a better system. So I want the devs opinion, what do you think about it, I think you can implement it in a week. Fear 2 members, implemented it in half a month. You on the other hand, are hard working fellas.

    You work hard, party hard I guess. Also this will remove all the complaints, problems, that players have with the current system. From my perspective it is a win/win. Also not many games, think about this system, because they just try to copy Call of duty. So think about it, a unique game a unique interface. What could be better?

  • It won’t balance anything.

    Your way doesn’t actually make people try out all the weapons. The current way means they do it sooner.

    Its not done by levelling but by kills. So they have to use a particular class of weapon to unlock the next. Not copied from call of duty.

    Chivalry has its own way of doing it and it works well. People have different ways of playing. So what you consider a weak weapon could be considered the best weapon in he game to someone else.

    And it doesn’t take too long to unlock everything. Crossbows were a bitch. But that’s me. Some people are ninjas with crossbows.

  • K, but how do you know, if people would really use them all. I mean, many people play only with the best weapons. Personally me and my friends, don’t really try weapons as like the spear, I don’t use it, I hate it even if I unlocked it. Same for other weapons.

    My way of implementing this, is by using an already implemented system that has success. In FEAR 2, on the other hand even if unlock doesn’t exist, people still try all the weapons.

    The unlock system is a missconception of how human psihology works. Many games, that don’t have unlocks, are more popular than those who have. Majority of games that realised that, are now successful. Just look at CS, no unlocks, still played by over a million people. From its launch day.

    In order for Chivalry to do the same, it has to get rid of the stupid unlock, which really don’t work properly and implement something usefull.

    I don’t see your point, why wouldn’t it work, in FEAR 2 it works already like a charm. I saw many games with this mechanic that work great. Why not beta test it, to see the results before pronouncing the verdict.

  • Ideas are always brilliant to the guy who made it up.

    Have you unlocked everything? Once you unlock everything you will know the way they have it is best. It doesn’t take a long time to get 100 kills with every set.

  • Yes, I unlocked everything, via console. I find it useless, from my point of view.

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