Knight poleaxe

  • So I’ve been playing around with this and to me it feels like the reach on the stab is too short. Not by much, but it doesn’t feel right. Anyone agree?

    If so any chance of a slight buff there?

  • I had the same impression. This may be caused by the model, but it indeed seems like the range on stab is a bit shorter than one would expect.

  • I’ve been having a blast with it, when I started using it I’ve been on top of the scoreboard lately, but I do most of my thrusts while crouched and in front of my opponent, I suppose longer reach for the thrust would be nice.

  • I can’t land the thrust or overhead with the poleaxe at all. Seems like I’m using a ghost weapon when I do, just goes through. Slashspam works as successfully as ever though :)

  • Speaking of ghost weapons, I’ve experienced this as the Archer with the short sometimes.

  • Me too, but the poleaxe seems to suffer the most.

  • Any chance the devs could take a look at the poleaxe, seems it doesnt have ANY reach. Also i have the same thing with ghost weapons, thinking its do to with the weapon switching and the game doesnt realise what you switched too so it doesnt work?

  • It’s being looked at. Please keep in mind that this patch is the first one with unlocks working properly. So there is a slew of new weapons to patch/balance along with the other balance tweaks.

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