Turning off fists for losing team

  • Can anyone help me find the option to turn off fists after one team (or one person - FFA) wins?

    I have been searching through the PCServer-UDKGame.ini and can not find it…

    Thanks in advance :D

  • For a server?

    Not yet possible.

    You can either disable fists completely from a server. That will mean during the whole game including the end fists will be disabled. Though the losing team will here rapid fire “donk” noises as the game tries to swap to fists but the server says no.

    Or have fists on and they will be on the whole game including the end.

  • Well that’s not cool…but thank you for the answer :D

  • Fists were a cool idea. Not so cool when some active people have their weapons left, but not a big issue.

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