Getting an error when setting up a dedi serve?

  • I’ve been following the official guide, but I get this error?

    Please help. :(

  • Shortcut is slightly off
    Make the " " start at C:\ and end at UDKLogging.exe
    The parameters afterwards fall outside the quotations

  • I too am getting an error when I try to set up a dedicated server. Not sure what it means but in addition to this error, my server isn’t popping up on the server list at all. I’m pretty sure I’ve port forwarded correctly.


  • Are you sure you portforwarded the queryport as well?
    There are 3 ports you need to forward

    The default one (7777 was it?) the one that comes after that, the peerport, which is usually default+1(7778). Then there is the QueryPort, which is 27015 by default, however this is the common steam/source port, so you might want to change that one.

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